• Refurbished by BÜHNEN products have been overhauled, cleaned and checked by the service department . It is important that these are used items that have found their way back to us for various reasons:
    e.g. B. Returns , demonstration models with little operating time or rental units .

    Refurbished products are attractively priced . They may not correspond to the very latest state of the art. On the other hand, they score with great advantages in terms of climate and environmental protection by saving valuable resources .

    Our refurbished products show character through small scratches, but they have a functional guarantee . Any questions? Our service is always at your side with advice and action.
  • What is refurbished?

    Refurbished products have been overhauled , cleaned and serviced . It can also be new parts or rental devices with a short operating time.

  • Why does refurbished make sense?

    BÜHNEN refurbished products are a sensible option to save resources and energy by using products that have already been produced.

  • The BÜHNEN guarantee promise

    Our refurbished products have a functional guarantee . Our service is always at your side with advice and action.

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